World at Waste? Poland on the Case

World at Waste? Poland on the Case P. A. Ney/TFN

Agata Frankiewicz is on a mission.

Listed as one of the 'Top 50 boldest women changing the world for better' in 2018, Agata is working to connect corporations wasting gigantic amounts of materials each year with creators and artists who spin beautiful products from things others throw away.

The concept is simple. It's called upcycling and it could radically change the world, reducing waste and its impact on the environment. But someone has to kick start the revolution. 

In this online, live episode of Heart of Poland our show host, Patrick Ney, talks to Agata about her journey to growing upcycling hub Deko Eko ( connecting corporations with artists and creators, from a handful of employees to 12 and growing, from startup to seed funded, from Poland-based to European-wide. 

As with every business interview, Patrick goes behind the company front-of-house and will ask Agata about her favourite places in Poland, and the challenges that she's faced and overcome and the journey she's on as a person and a Pole. 

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