'We Will Survive.' The hidden story of Warsaw's Jews

'We Will Survive.' The hidden story of Warsaw's Jews P. A. Ney/TFN

When the world is turning in on itself and death and despair are everywhere, what do you?


As hatred set the world alight in a global conflict one remarkable Polish Jew, Emmanuel Ringulblum, decided to embark on a project that would 'set a stone in the wheel of history.'

He didn't fight. 

He didn't despair.

He documented. 

In this, the 102nd episode of Heart of Poland, we look at the extraordinary story of the Oyneg Shabbes archives, a secret project carried out in the Warsaw Ghetto to document and record the horrific story of Warsaw and Poland's Jewish populations. 

We speak to Katarzyna Person from the Research Department of the Jewish Historical Institute to find out more about how the Archive was created, the stories it told, and how  it was re-discovered after the war's end.

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