The Eagle Has Landed : Special Edition of the #HeartofPoland show

Heart of Poland 6 P. A. Ney/TFN

The 11th of November, 2018, was one of the most important, significant and emotional days in Poland’s history.

For it was exactly 100 years ago to the day that Poland regained its independence.

After 123 years of struggle and resistance against occupying global powers, the country once again became a sovereign state.

For Poland therefore, this November 11th, although an important date for many nations, was nothing short of sacrosanct. It meant Poland regained. Poland reborn. Poland reawakened.

For this special live transmission of the #HeartofPoland, Paddy went into the heart of the festivities and celebrations, through the capital’s streets to discover the emotions, the people and the places which made the day unique.