Poles are GRUMPY! Karol Paciorek

Poles are GRUMPY! Karol Paciorek P. A. Ney/TFN

Karol Paciorek dropped his studies to start Youtubing back in the wild days of 2010 and has gone on to dominate the Polish Youtube having produced over 2000 videos in the past 10 years. His 90 interviews with famous artists and people also include interviews with potential candidates for Polish presidents.

- Discover the secret to the Polish small-torn mentality and how the Polish village has changed immensely in the last 10 years

- What unites Poles outside of big cities

- How Karol started off in the wilderness of the Polish Youtube scene in 2010

- What Karol's wife would say his biggest WEAKNESS is

- How Karol fears is interviews DON'T go well

- How the Polish presidential candidates have to FIGHT for attention

- What would Karol Paciorek do if he was KING of Poland

- What ONE thing Karol would do to improve Poland

- Karol's favourite place in Poland

- Why Poles are grumpy?

(This episode was recorded on the 13th March in Warsaw, Poland prior to the Coronavirus lockdown).