Poland’s Most Famous Magician: Magic of Y

Poland’s Most Famous Magician: Magic of Y Patrick Ney/TFN

Dive into the world of magic with 'Y'. In this episode of Heart of Poland, Patrick Ney discovers the best-kept secrets of Poland's most famous magician. Stay until the end to see Y read Patrick's mind and totally blow him away, leaving him speechless.

Y is a Polish magician and illusionist who has performed for Robert Lewandowski, Alvaro Soler, Jared Leto and many other international stars. In 2012, he was a semi-finalist of the show 'Mam Talent' and then started a YouTube channel, 'Magic of Y', which has nearly 1 million subscribers. He also had his own TV show on TVN Style in which he performed magic for Polish celebrities. In addition, he's the author of a book on how to become a magician and designs original decks of cards.