Poland fights FakeNews virus

Poland fights FakeNews virus P. A. Ney/TFN

Poland is fighting back against the FakeNews virus! Fake News online rumours have sown panic and fear around the world. Hard to trace and highly convincing, users often share fake news with others... unwittingly spreading it ever onwards.

The new Polish FakeHunter initiative could become a model for how countries can fight this issue - well beyond the Coronavirus crisis. Hundreds of unpaid volunteers have come forward to support the Polish Government to assess and verify fake news.

These 'FakeHunters' are taking the fight to the rumours, misinformation spreading like wildfire across the internet!

Find out more in this special Coronavirus edition of our #HeartofPoland programme where our host, Patrick Ney, talks to Łukasz Świerzewski about how the FakeHunter initiative has been created.

Share this episode to raise awareness and visit www.fakehunter.pap.pl.