Media of the Future: The right technology supports the activity of every newsroom

Media of the Future: The right technology supports the activity of every newsroom

The latest content management systems are always adapted to the target customer, which allows you to implement innovative projects based on verified systems, says Evi Varsou, Director of the Media and CMS Department of the Athens Technology Center (ATC). 

During the Media of the Future conference organised by the Polish Press Agency, Varsou presented her company and the latest trends in the field of content management systems. 

She said: "ATC provides innovative software solutions worldwide. We specialize mainly in media and content management, and have more than 30 years of experience in the industry."

The company was founded in 1987, it employs around 100 people, and the head office is located in Athens.

Varsou said the company has developed a whole spectrum of technological solutions useful for the media, but also for government organizations - from editorial tools and digital asset management systems integrated with multi-channel publishing, to solutions that help media organizations fight disinformation.

The latter focus on fact-checking, combating the dissemination of false information and analysing social profiles and trends.

Varsou said: "Our solutions are always complete and modular, so depending on the needs of the customer, they can decide which part of the ecosystem best meets his needs."

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