Make perfect Polish żurek with celebrity chef Cristina Catese

Make perfect Polish żurek with celebrity chef Cristina Catese. P. A. Ney/TFN

TV Chef Cristina Catese from Akademia Kulinarna Whirlpool shows you how to make perfect Polish żurek in part 2 of our Heart of Poland special cookery programme.

- Have you ever made żurek?

- How happy did our host Patrick look when he tried it?

- Is it true that żurek is good for hangovers, as Patrick claims?

- Do you remember your first ever żurek?


Zakwas: 6 teaspoons of rye flour, 5 garlic cloves, bay leaf, 4 allspice seeds, 650 - 900 ml of water.

Place the water and flour into a jar or container and mix well. Add sliced garlic, the bay leaf and allspice seeds. Mix well and then cover with a cloth. Leave in a place away from sunlight for a few days. Stir daily and ensure the cover is kept on.

For the Soup

Meat bones, best smoked, vegetables to make a stock (carrots, celery, parsnips etc.) Polish white sausage, your Zakwas, marjoram, bay leaves, allspice, some cream, some horseradish, eggs, salt and pepper to taste.

Bring the vegetables and bones to boil in a large pan of water. Add the allspice, pepper seeds and bay leaves. Meanwhile bake the sausage separately and cut into large pieces, set aside for later. Once the stock has boiled and is left simmering for about an hour, remove the vegetables and bones (except the carrots). Add the zakwas and cook for another 40 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the eggs, cut in half. Slice the boiled carrots and add along with the sausage slices.

Add horseradish, salt and pepper to taste and then add hot cream. Finally, drop an egg and see the magic on your guest’s faces as they try your Żurek!