Life in the Polish Fast Lane: Miko Marczyk

Life in the Polish Fast Lane: Miko Marczyk P. A. Ney/TFN

Miko Marczyk is a champion Polish rally driver making waves in the fast, aggressive sport. Aged just 23, he's already competing at the top national level of rally driving and looks set to have a bright future in the sport. As a very small boy, he was a natural behind the wheel. Today, Miko is a member of the Skoda Polska Motorsport team, one of the youngest ever rally drivers to compete at this level. Tearing round tight corners, sliding across country roads and risking life and limb is where you'll find Miko at his happiest. This is the first time Miko has talked in detail about his life so far. Keep an eye on him - he's sure to go far. Our host Patrick Ney talks to Miko about his life in the sport and about Polish driving in general.