I spat in the face of the Auschwitz 'Angel of Death'

I spat in the face of the Auschwitz 'Angel of Death' P. A. Ney/TFN

Barbara Wojnarowska was saved from the hell of the Warsaw Uprising only to land in hell on earth. 


As a little girl Barbara fell into the hands of the so-called 'Angel of Death' Dr Josef Mengele. A warped, sadistic crusader for the Nazi's racial insanity, Mengele subjected his victims to cruel and pointless experiments. 

Barbara was one of the children he choose to torture. 

In the 100th episode of Heart of Poland, Barbara talks for the first time in English about her experience of being torn away from her family at the ramps of Auschwitz. 

She talks about how Auschwitz has traumatised her entire lift and cast a shadow over her family ever since. 

Despite this, she reveals the courage, grit and bravery that saw her emerge from the trauma and become a passionate crusader for human rights as a lawyer with the United Nations. 

Watch this episode. Think about what Barbara has been through. 

And then never forget her story.