Wedel and the chocolate factory: famed firm opens its doors to the public

On Saturday the famous chocolatier E. Wedel opened its factory doors in Warsaw for the annual Wedel Chocolate weekend. Big and small children alike queued to get into the factory, learn about how the goodies are made, take part in a slice of chocolate history and participate in contests.

The tour took chocoholics through the factory and demonstrated how chocolate artists meticulously hand-craft decorations as well as exhibiting eye-popping sculptures painted and carved entirely from chocolate.

Built in 1936, the factory is one of the oldest in Warsaw, the company hosts only two occasions in the year in which entrance is free: one being Museum Night, which involves all of the capital’s museums, and the Wedel chocolate weekend.

A hit with the locals the 2000 Chocolate Weekend tickets sold out in a matter of minutes on the website.