Ready, steady, ho, ho, ho! Running Santas swamp Toruń in charity marathon for kids

An unusual half-marathon took place over the weekend which saw over 3,000 Santa impersonators run amok in the northern Polish town of Toruń, all in the name of charity.

Awash in a festive sea of red and white, the streets of Toruń were flooded as the ‘Runners for Children’ adult half-marathon kicked off at 10 am on the 9th December to help deliver gifts to needy children.

The race track ran along some of the medieval streets of Toruń’s old town and through the scenic parks and forests of the town.

A yearly affair, the Toruń Association of Physical Culture have organised the charity event for 16 consecutive years.

This year it is reported that Santas from all over Poland, 20 different countries and five continents joined together for the run.

Puppy Santas, snowmen and even Christmas trees ran as part of the charity action.

After the marathon, participants helped to prepare gifts for children in care homes.