‘Floating’ house made of MIRRORS is perfect place for quiet reflection

Amid the sounds of woodland creatures, earthy scents and towering 100 year old pines, there sits a reality-altering home on the outskirts of the Polish forest, Kampinos.

Aptly named Mirror Home, the two-storey family house, which is located an hour away from the capital, Warsaw,  was conceptualised by award winning architect Marcin Tomaszewski and his studio, REFORM. 

Tomaszewski told TFN: “Mirror Home is unique for many reasons. Due to the extensive, naturally tree-lined plot, an important decision to make was how to merge the location of the house, the design, and its relationship with the environment.”

The structure hangs seemingly suspended in a grassy forest clearing, disturbing none of the surrounding environment. But the mind-warping ‘hover’ effect of the home is actually owed to the clever reflective panels covering the lower half of the building.

Since its creation in 2015, the building has made some noise on the design scene, even scooping up the German design special award in 2016.