Fascinating series of photos released by the National Archives offer intimate look at interwar Poland

The ‘100x100’ album contains a rich variety of pictures that not only cover the lives of the powerful and famous, but also those of everyday Poles.

In one, a smiling Marshal Piłsudski stands leaning on his sword while taking a break during a formal ceremony, but in another photograph a group of holidaymakers lie on beach, inspecting the Baltic Sea.

Another shows a cobbler in his workshop while in one picture, perhaps serving as portent of the darkness that would engulf the republic, a woman practices shooting a pistol as an army officer looks on.

Writing in the introduction to the album Marianna Otmianowska, the director of the Digital Archives and the person behind the project, said that she the pictures “allow us to time travel for a moment to the inter-war period, to feel its colourfulness, despite the black and white film.”