Fascinating sculptures dotted around city’s streets help preserve memory of industrial past

Funded by citizens’ budget, the project “Piękniejsze Śródmieście” (most beautiful downtown) aims to preserve the memory of Radom’s past, while augmenting the sparse street furniture, which until now was limited to the occasional bench or rubbish bin.

The initiators, Sebastian Pawłowski and Maciej Stępnikowski, said:  “Our city has a rich history, which is little-known and presented to both the inhabitants and visitors. (…) In this context, I propose (basing the idea on Wrocław’s gnomes) to place 17 objects (from bronze or brass) for which over decades Radom was or still is famous in the downtown’s public space”.

Metal Works “Łucznik”, the Radom Telecommunication Factory, Mlekpol dairy cooperative and shoes producers were responsible for some of the most recognizable products and designs of the communist times. Popular on both the domestics and foreign markets, they became symbols of an era. Some, like the VIS pistol remain a favourite among collectors and are still produced.  

The 1:1 scale bronze mementos of Radom’s products, were created by Sławomir Micek. The sculptor from Kielce, who specializes in marble and metal, is also the creator of the writer Witold Gombrowicz statue. Passers-by can sit at the table with the immortalized figure and play a pretend game of chess.

The project financed by the city, which so far has only commissioned 14, cost less than 130,000 PLN (30,000 EUR).  It is one of the more curious initiatives submitted for the 2018 citizen budget, as it aimed at building the image of the city, rather than infrastructure or investment. The initiators hope that funding from private companies will lead to the creation of other sculptures to grace the nooks and crannies of Radom.