Art on the rocks: sculptors get to grips with ice in international competition

Last weekend, the best ice sculptors in Europe gathered for the13th annual Ice sculpting festival in Central Poland.

Held by the governing body of Poznan, the event took place in the quaint old town of the city and saw spectators come together to witness the icy spectacle.

Sculptors from Italy, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland took part in competitions such as speed ice sculpting, image copying, and creative sculpting as part of the two-day festival.

The first day of the festival came with the challenge to carve the quickest and most faithful reconstruction of the Poznań town hall, which was won by American Don Loving. Second place went to Pole, Michał Mizuła, and third place to Angelito Baban, also from the United States.

Slovaks Adam Bakoš and Miroslav Trnovský triumphed on day two of the competition with their creative output. Their sculpture depicted the actor and film director Charlie Chaplin. Nenad Klajic and Strajin Čančarević from Serbia took second place. And third place went to Spaniards Bruno Fleurit and Max Rutgers, who made a statue of a woman with a dragonfly on her hand.