Copernicus: the man who discovered earth moves around the sun

Today marks 475 years since the death of one of Poland’s most esteemed scientists. Nicolaus Copernicus revolutionised astronomy with his discovery that the earth moved around the sun. The revelation completely changed our understanding of our place in the universe, and consequently helped herald in the age Enlightenment. The First News reflects on the lasting legacy left by the astronomer from Toruń.

Polish space industry growing - entrepreneurship minister

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz said on Thursday that Poland's space industry is expanding at a fast rate.

Going gaga for Gaia: Polish Astronomers help map out the Milky Way

Some of the most beautiful and detailed images ever taken of the Milky Way have been released by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia space telescope, the data from which will be used to create the most comprehensive maps of our galaxy to date with the help of Polish astronomers.

Fuzzy logic behind Sky Tronic’s search and rescue drones

Unmanned helicopters carrying out search and rescue operations in the mountains might seem like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, yet the Polish company Sky Tronic is in the process of making it happen. Difficult terrain and inclement weather conditions prevent aircraft with standard controls from flying. Sky Tronic is developing AI algorithms based on the fuzzy logic principle, which will enable stable and safe navigation regardless of conditions.

Polish space company to take part in European mission

Space company Sener Polska told PAP that it is set to take part in a new project by the European Space Agency (ESA), by designing equipment for a space satellite.

As safe as a car, as agile as a motorbike - Poland’s car of the future

What do you get if you cross a car with a motorbike? The answer is not a two-wheeled car but rather the Triggo - an electric car that its Polish inventors say combines the manoeuvrability of a motorbike with the advantages of a car.

Polish company involved in next space mission to Mars

The Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (MPiT) has announced that more and more Polish companies are participating in international space missions (including ones organized by NASA and ESA- European Space Agency).

Half of those Poles asked were against the building of nuclear power plants

Fifty percent of Poles polled by the CBOS pollster said it was against the construction of what would be Poland's first nuclear power plant.

Space mission involving Poles starts on Monday

On board a Falcon-9 rocket, taking off on Monday April 2 from Cape Canaveral, will be a scientific instrument made with the participation of Poles, among others. It will be used to observe phenomena of interest in the upper atmosphere.