Żywiec launches most modern production of alcohol-free beer in Europe

Alcohol-free beer produced in new installation can be exported to neighbouring countries. Rafał Guz/PAP

The modern installation for the production of alcohol-free beers was launched at the Archduke Brewery in Żywiec, southern Poland. The project, valued at PLN 11 mln (EUR 2.5 mln), was completed in one year, the head of the brewery Tomasz Klima said on Monday.

Klima added that production will initially be directed to the Polish market. However, its capacities are so considerable that beer can be exported to neighbouring countries. "We have located the installation in the Żywiec brewery because it is a good place to reach the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary," he said.

The company explains that the applied technology is based on vacuum distillation. This method allows alcohol to be separated from beer by almost 100 percent. Moreover, the process is carried out in very low temperatures (max. up to 46 degrees Celsius) Normally, such distillation requires around 80 degrees. The higher it is, the worse smell and taste properties the product has.

The Archduke Brewery belongs to Grupa Żywiec SA, the largest beer producer in Poland.