Zelensky says missile strike is Russia's message to G20

Viktor Kovalchuk/PAP

Volodymyr Zelensky told the G20 summit that Tuesday’s mass missile attacks on Ukraine and the "Russian rockets (that) hit the territory of neighbouring Poland" is "Russia's real appearance at the G20."

The Ukrainian president spoke to the summit in Indonesia via video link on Wednesday.

Vladimir Putin had decided to stay at home despite Russia being a G20 member. 

"Yesterday at the summit, everyone talked about how to end the Russian war, the Russian representative even made some statements. And then almost a hundred Russian missiles hit Ukraine," Zelensky said. "Burnt residential buildings, destroyed power plants, hundreds of cities without electricity, water, heating." 

"Unfortunately, there are victims. Moreover, not only in Ukraine, but also Russian missiles hit the territory of neighbouring Poland yesterday," he added.

"This missile attack is Russia's real appearance at the G20," he added.

Zelensky said that he uses the term G19 because "Russia is a terrorist" and should not be included in the G20 summit.