Żabka convenience store chain to add 400-500 outlets by end-21

"We currently have 7,500 Żabka stores in our network," Żabka CEO Tomasz Suchański said. Albert Zawada/PAP

Żabka, Poland's largest convenience store network, will increase its number of shops to around 8,000 by the end of 2021, Żabka CEO Tomasz Suchański told PAP.

"We currently have 7,500 Żabka stores in our network," Suchanski said. "By the end of this year it will be around 7,900-8,000 outlets."

"We plan to open some 1,000 stores annually and this is the number of openings we are assuming for next year," he added.

According to Suchański, plans for 2022 include opening several dozen unmanned Żabka outlets operating 24/7, following the launch of the first such store in PoznaŃ in June 2021.

The first seven Żabka stores opened in the cities of Poznań and Swarzędz in 1998 as a convenient localised alternative to the rapidly growing number of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Poland.

In 2013 the company opened its 3,000th store, with every fifth Pole living within 300 metres of a Żabka shop. Since then the a chain has continued its expansion on the Polish market on a yearly basis.