YouTube influencers invited to promote Poland

Minister of Sport and Tourism Witold Bańka. PAP/Leszek Szymański

Seven YouTube channel owners with international reach are to come to Poland at the invitation of the Polish Tourist Organisation, as part of a promotional campaign based on 'influencer marketing.'

"We want to show Poland as it is: beautiful, modern, open, with an unconventional tourism offer," said Minister of Sport and Tourism Witold Bańka.

The #VisitPoland campaign uses influencer marketing tools to engage people who determine trends within their online communities. Within the framework of the campaign, videobloggers from the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, Japan and Canada among other countries will visit Poland. The popular YouTubers with international scope were chosen through an agreement with Google.

"It is an innovative project that meets social expectations, a project through which - especially via the use of social media - we want to show the unconventional offer, what we have that's beautiful and attractive, in order to promote Poland in a modern way through the innovative, interesting material of YouTubers from the world over, who are important influencers on the tourist market," Witold Bańka explained.

Deputy Interior Minister Paweł Szefernaker noted that a year ago, when he was secretary of state at the Prime Minister's Office, a group of young Poles had put forward the idea. "It's an example of how, for a small outlay of funds, Poland can be promoted in a great way, in an innovative way, fit for the 21st century," Szefernaker declared.

Minister Bańka announced that the whole undertaking would cost about PLN 800,000 (EUR 185,000). The campaign will be financed by the Polish Tourist Organisation.