Youngest pupils most likely to return to school first - minister

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Pupils from grades 1-3 will probably be the first to return to school, the Polish education minister said on Tuesday without mentioning any specific dates.

Education Minister Przemyslaw Czarnek told Polish Radio One that a return would be possible when the number of daily new coronavirus infections stayed at the level of around 10,000.

"These would probably be the circumstances under which we would decide to send grades 1-3 back to school," said the minister.

Czarnek added that in-class teaching would be conducted under a strict sanitary regime.

The minister also announced that teachers would be among the first groups to be offered a vaccination against the virus.

"Vaccinations, as we all know, are voluntary," said Czarnek, adding that thanks to vaccinations, a return to school would be possible "on a mass scale."