World’s largest ‘Virtual Reality’ hospital to open in Bydgoszcz

The ground breaking hospital has received a 16.2 million złoty grant from the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development. InventionMed

The world’s largest virtual hospital is set to be built in Bydgoszcz by InventionMed, a medical technology firm that uses virtual and augmented technology simulators to aid the training of medical professionals.

The company has received a grant of 16.2 million złoty from the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, and will sink that back into a 29.5 million złoty project that will see the development of a virtual hospital and leading edge R&D centre.  

Principally known for their TutorDerm simulation, InventionMed’s centre will play to the firm’s strengths and specialize in aesthetic and clinical dermatological training. 

Well-known for their TutorDerm simulation, InventionMed’s centre will specialize in aesthetic and clinical dermatological training.  InventionMed

“The product is designed to give users a chance to practice dermatological procedures, giving physicians, cosmetologists and students an opportunity to acquire essential experience even before they come into contact with patients,” explained a statement on the company’s website.

“A physician’s work is costly and requires time for practical preparation,” it continued, “but the use of a simulator eliminates the issue of a lack of patients who would agree to participate in tests or to serve as learning subjects in various types of procedures.”

In addition, the five-storey, 3,000 sq/m centre will also explore other areas of medicine such as cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, anatomy and neurological rehabilitation.

InventionMed’s President, Tomasz Kierul, says the investment will help narrow the technological gap that currently exists on the Polish market.Paweł Supernak/PAP

“The concept behind creating a VR/AR Centre of Innovative Medical Simulations is a response to the research and technological gap existing on the Polish market,” says Tomasz Kierul, the President of the Board of InventionMed.

“The global research and development sector for the design of modern solutions in the field of medical simulations is much more advanced, and the implementation of the investment will allow InventionMed’s research and development activities to diversify and will direct the company to new areas of activity.”

Earlier in April, InventionMed submitted a proposal to the Polish financial regulator, the KNF, and now hope to move from the NewConnect trading system to the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s main market in early 2020.