Working from home saves Polish employees around 54 mins a day

Uwe Anspach/PAP/DPA

In Poland, remote work allows employees to save an average of 54 minutes a day, according to Polish Economic Institute (PIE) analysts.

"This is the second lowest result among the 27 countries surveyed - three minutes more than in Serbia and one minute less than in the US," according to data quoted in the Thursday edition of the PIE weekly bulletin.

Analysts indicated that in Poland these 54 minutes a day are spent by employees on rest (36 percent), other work (34 percent) and on care duties (16 percent).

Researchers found that the financial benefit of remote work adds around 2.2 percent to employee's disposable income, averaging the amount of time saved to 72 minutes. "In the case of Poland, such a benefit, taking into account the smaller amount of time saved, would amount to 1.65 percent of the employee's income," the report noted.

At the time of collecting the data, in 2021-2022, respondents worked from home on average 1.7 days a week.