Witold Pilecki’s Report from Auschwitz available online

Witold’s Report from Auschwitz rtmpilecki.eu

Witold Pilecki’s Report from Auschwitz, the first source document about this German concentration camp, written in 1943, is available online in new English translation.

"Cavalry Captain Witold Pilecki was one of the greatest heroes of Poland, Europe and the entire free world in the 20th century. He belonged to the bravest soldiers of the Republic of Poland and gave countless examples of courage, fortitude and effectiveness. The services he rendered in the armed struggle for independence of his Homeland during the 1920 War with the Bolsheviks, the 1939 Defensive War and the Warsaw Uprising cannot be overestimated. His underground activity as ‘a volunteer to Auschwitz’ and a participant of the second conspiracy, aimed against the post-WWII communist regime creates both: a heroic and a tragic epic, which should be known by every person who holds dear such values as the freedom of nations and human dignity" - wrote President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda in foreword to "Witold’s Report", by the APOSTOLICUM Publishing House. 

Now, the new English translation of the ''Witold’s Report'',  the first source document about Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp,  is available online, with biographical notes and numerous footnotes.

The full edition can be read or download here:
Witold’s Report