White Label Coders supports Japanese Animal Rights Centre and migrates Hachidory website to WordPress platform for free

White Label Coders

Sponsored content: We are pleased to present a pro bono project that White Label Coders, a Polish software house specializing in programming services, implemented for the non-profit organization Animal Rights Center Japan (ARCJ) as part of the techtotherescue.org initiative.

The project consisted of transferring the current website hachidory.com to the WordPress platform in order to improve the functionality and accessibility of the website for users.

Hachidory.com is a website created by ARCJ, that provides information and educational materials on animal welfare, protection, and rights. The website regularly posts information about vegan restaurants, products, recipes, events, and books, and is dedicated to promoting ethical treatment of animals.

According to Yuki Takahashi from Hachidory  ̶  Japan is severely lagging behind the rest of the world in animal welfare, for example, receiving the lowest ranking of "G" for farmed animal welfare in the Animal Protection Index published by World Animal Protection.

This is largely due to the lack of information.  However, many people don't want to see the dirty truth. That's why we have Hachidory to first attract people with appetizing foods and hip trends, and then leading people to learn about the urgent crisis that so many animals are facing every second.

The website is very popular, but it needed to be modernized and improved. The main task of the project was to migrate the content of the old website and install the new website on the server specified by the client. ARCJ didn't have any specific requirements and simply expected a more intuitive and technologically modern website that could be viewed on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

White Label Coders, with the help of techtotherescue.org, decided to assist ARCJ with this project. Thanks to the use of the WordPress platform, the hachidory.com website was redesigned and made available in a new, more user-friendly form.

As part of the project, White Label Coders was responsible for transferring the content to the new platform, as well as creating new features for users. For more information about the project visit the WLC website.

Paweł Zmysłowski, CEO and founder of White Label Coders. Said: “The biggest challenge in the migration was the Japanese language and database structure. Due to the language barrier, the White Label Coders team had to write special import scripts. The project also faced the challenge of Japanese design principles, which differ significantly from European trends. However, the priority for our team was to contribute to the improvement of animal welfare.”

The project carried out by White Label Coders for ARCJ is another example of how animal rights organizations can be supported in strengthening their online activities.

Thanks to such initiatives, it's possible to increase awareness and understanding of animal welfare issues, which leads to an improvement in the animals' living conditions.

Thanks to the https://techtotherescue.org/ initiative, Hachidory's website can continue to promote the ethical treatment of animals and disseminate information about vegan and animal-friendly options in Japan. For more information about Hachidory visit https://hachidory.com/ or:

•             facebook.com/hachidory

•             instagram.com/hachidory_vegan

•             twitter.com/hachidory

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