We want a Poland of development, not of stagnation - PM

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a meeting with residents of Wrocław PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

"We want a Poland of development, not of stagnation; we want a Poland that remembers its roots, not a Poland that cuts itself off from its history," Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Saturday at a meeting with residents of Wrocław (southwestern Poland).

The PM's visit in Wrocław was part of the ruling Law and Justice party's ongoing tour of the country, ahead of the local elections, which are scheduled for the autumn.

During the meeting, Morawiecki underscored that over the last 25 years, Poland has "come apart" in many places to varying degrees, but that his government wanted a country that develops while at the same time not extricating itself from "its beautiful history."

He added: "We want a Poland that realises our talents and doesn't push out further generations, further waves of emigration abroad."

In the prime minister's view, such a developmental economy needs several components. "We need an attitude of national saving," he declared, going on to say that the motto of his government was for Poland to develop equally: "equally for everyone, more equitably in the geographical sense," he stressed.

Poland should not be a collection of special interest groups, he argued, warning against "clientelism," but a country that is open for everybody and that carries out the interests of the whole of society, especially "those forgotten and the poorest."

"We need to democratise our life in every aspect," the PM continued, asserting that the government's opponents twisted reality. "(...)Of course we also make mistakes, especially me. We will stumble, but we want to admit to those mistakes, get up and move on."

The head of government noted that to achieve success, in 10-15 years, Poland should be a country of high-technology, technology of the future, robotisation, digitisation and specialists. He added that the country is currently at a point where it needs certain values, a strength of spirit.

"As Marshal Piłsudski said, victory, to a large degree is decided by secrets of the soul and I believe that," Morawiecki concluded.