Water trail will take boat lovers through 150 km of Mazury Lakes

Andrzej Lange/PAP

Polish Waters (Wody Polskie), a state water management authority, has begun marking a water trail that will take boating enthusiasts through 150 kilometres of the Great Mazury Lakes.

The route, situated in north-east Poland, is to be officially opened at the end of April, Agnieszka Gielazyn-Sasimowicz, a spokesman for the Bialystok branch of Polish Waters, told PAP.

One of Poland’s leading tourist destinations, the Mazury region has more than 2,000 lakes, along with dense forests and unspoiled countryside.

The work on the water trail includes placing some 450 buoys and 85 onshore navigation signs to help boats navigate the network. As in previous years, Polish Waters will also operate a warning system for dangerous weather conditions. Everything should be ready in two-weeks’ time, pledged Gielazyn-Sasimowicz.

The main, 86.6 kilometre-long, navigable waterway connects the towns of Pisz and Wegorzewo. There are also five side trails, including one running through Sniardwy, Poland's largest lake.

For years, the sailing season in Mazury was inaugurated on May 1. Local businesses hope that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, sailing enthusiasts will decide to visit the region.