Warsaw's Palace of Culture to stay dirty

Albert Zawada/PAP

One of Warsaw’s landmark building, the Palace of Culture and Science, will remain dirty for at least another year owing to the capital’s city hall having no plans to give its facade a clean.

Tomasz Bratek, Warsaw's deputy mayor, responded to a question asked by city councillor Sebastian Kedzierski on whether the massive building that still dominates central Warsaw will get a clean by answering in the negative.

He added: "In 2019-2020, revitalisation works were carried out to eliminate the risks associated with the falling off of ceramic and concrete elements of the facade between floors six and 32."

In 2013, estimates for cleaning the whole palace came to PLN 20 million (EUR 4.2 mln), therefore the management board decided to renovate it in stages. The cost of cleaning the observation deck in 2018 came to about PLN 680,000 (EUR 145,000).