Warsaw will remain important for new US administration - minister

Poland will remain important to the US under the Biden administration because of its key strategic location, the foreign minister has said.

In an interview with the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, Zbigniew Rau rejected the notion that Poland could expect a cooling of relations under the Biden administration due to Warsaw's strong ties with Donald Trump.

Rau said that "personal relations in international matters are important, but they take second place to national interests."

He pointed out that "Trump's America got the military involved in Poland, and, more broadly in Central Europe, it created the conditions for the deployment, if needed, of up to 20,000 US soldiers in our country, because this part of the world is of key significance to Washington."

"We are talking about the EU and Nato fringes, where the influence of Russia begins,” he added. “In the China-US rivalry, Russia's alliance with China is clear, and Russia is seen as a fundamental military threat by Nato. Biden's administration is not going to change this view.

"But it (Central and Easter Europe - PAP) is also a region that is also very promising in economic terms for the US,” he continued. “It opens up prospects for the development of energy and transport infrastructure, as well as cyberspace."

The minister also added that the Three Seas initiative, a plan to promote energy and infrastructure cooperation between a dozen countries in Central and Eastern Europe, has won cross-party backing in the United States.