Warsaw to blaze the trail for 5G technology


Warsaw has the biggest chance to be the first Polish city to operate 5G mobile communications technology, Digital Affairs Minister Marek Zagorski said on Wednesday, adding that the decision will depend on the results of a 3.6 GHz frequency auction.

"Warsaw would be my personal bet, mainly due to market reasons," Zagorski told the RDC radio, explaining that Poland's capital is its biggest city with the wealthiest population.

This is important in the first stage of technology implementation as devices using it are simply more expensive, he added.

In November, Zagorski told PAP that the 5G frequency auction, to be held in 2020, could bring PLN 4-5 bln (EUR 0.9-1.2 bln) to the state budget.

5G is the latest, rapidly developing telecommunications standard. It is expected to make data transmission speeds up to 50-100 times faster than the current 4G network. The new technology is expected to speed up the development of the Internet of Things, telemedicine innovations, autonomous vehicles and intelligent cities.