Warsaw sends over 100 aid shipments to Ukraine

"We sent the 100th trainload on March 30," Trzaskowski added. Albert Zawada/PAP

More than 100 shipments of humanitarian aid have left the Polish capital for various destinations in war-torn Ukraine since it was attacked by Russia on February 24, the Mayor of Warsaw has said.

"As part of the ongoing collection, we have managed to gather and deliver to Ukraine about 3,600 pallets of food, medicines, bedding, cleaning products and other gifts," Rafal Trzaskowski said on Friday.

"We sent the 100th trainload on March 30," Trzaskowski added.

The aid was transported from Warsaw by trucks and buses to a freight train terminal from where it travelled to various Ukrainian cities.

Gifts for Ukrainians have also been sent to Warsaw by other Polish cities and other countries including Austria, Croatia, France, Spain, Canada and Germany.

Some of them ended up in Warsaw's refugee centres, others were repacked and transported further, to Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv, Warsaw city hall said.

The city of Warsaw is also helping Ukraine's animals. Several aid shipments, organised jointly by the Panda Foundation, the Warsaw and Lodz Zoos, have already been sent to animal support institutions in several Ukrainian cities and villages. Other zoos from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic have also joined the initiative.