Warsaw protest suspended confirms union leader

Solidarity, Poland's biggest trade union, has suspended its planned protest following a tragic missile blast in eastern Poland, the union leader confirmed after talks with the government.

An explosion likely caused by a stray Ukrainian air defence missile killed two Polish citizens at a grain-drying facility in the village of Przewodow near Poland's border with Ukraine on Tuesday, which prompted Solidarity to put the protest on hold.

Still, the union leader, Piotr Duda, met with the government on Thursday to discuss their demands.

Duda said the government had agreed to expand the list of energy-intensive companies that will receive government aid, on condition that the EU agrees to the move.

Other postulates include a systemic cap on rising energy prices, wage increases in the public sector and fast-tracking a bill on pensions that would depend on years of service, not a prospective pensioner's age.

"As far as other postulates are concerned, we all agreed that we are unable to solve those problems within an hour and a half," Duda said, adding that the government and the union had agreed to set up a work team to deal with the issues.

The union leader said the protest march was suspended, but "if it turns out that the prime minister's declaration was a sham, the march will be reinstated and will go ahead with triple force."