Warsaw Citadel to host Polish History Museum

It is our duty to hand over the new seat of the Polish History Museum to Poles as soon as possible, Culture Minister Piotr Gliński said on Friday at a cornerstone ceremony for the museum in the Warsaw Citadel complex.

Gliński said at the ceremony, that the museum was one of his priority projects, and had been awaited by Poles for years.

"I think that this inscribes itself into one of the main missions behind my ministry's work. The Polish History Museum is something Poles have been waiting for for years. It is our duty to hand over this new site, this new building, the new seat of the Polish History Museum, to Poles as quickly as possible," Gliński said.

Gliński reminded that the museum's site, the Warsaw Citadel, was irrevocably connected with Poland's independence struggle, and was from where Poland announced its return to independent statehood on November 16, 1918.

The Warsaw Citadel fortress was built in Warsaw in the 19th century by order of Tsar Nicholas I after the suppression of the 1830 November Uprising. Initially designed to strengthen Russian control of the city, it served as a prison into the late 1930s, especially the dreaded Tenth Pavilion, which has been a museum since 1963.