Warsaw and Kraków firms win prestigious Central European Start-up Awards

Emplocity from Warsaw won the ‘Best AI/ Machine Learning Startup’ award for their Emplobot, while Geckodynamics from Kraków won the Best Software Development Partner award. Emplocity/Facebook

Poland has won two awards at the 6th Edition of the Central European Start-Up Awards, taking the awards for ‘Best AI/ Machine Learning Startup’ and ‘Best Software Development Partner’.

Emplocity, from Warsaw, won the ‘Best AI/ Machine Learning Startup’ award for their Emplobot, the first and only AI-powered career assistant. The Emplobot is designed to search and apply for jobs on behalf of candidates. It works continuously and is a fully integrated recruitment platform that uses a chatbot to gather candidates data.

Emplocity CEO Krzysztof Sobczak and his company created a robot that instead of taking people’s work helps them find work.Gecko dynamics/Facebook

Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO at Emplocity, said: “Our invention is based on artificial intelligence. This concept sounds scary, raises a lot of fears and controversies, e.g. that robots can take our jobs and dominate us. We, a little out of spite, created a robot that instead of taking people's work, it will look for it. Our basic assumption was that man was in the center and that artificial intelligence would help him.”

Geckodynamics, from Krakow but now with offices in London, Vancouver and San Francisco, won the award for ‘Best Software Development Partner’. The company has worked with big name partners like Air Canada, Nokia and CamTran. They offer a wide variety of services from web and mobile app development, IT support and analysis, as well as custom software. They have only been on the market since 2017 and have achieved great success with international clients and industry recognition in such a short period.

Geckodynamics CEO Oleksandr Tarasiuk (R) began the company in 2017 and has already gained international recognition.Emplocity/Facebook

They wrote on their Facebook page: “That feels good. Yes it does. Or... No, hold on… THAT FEELS FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Every day we ask ourselves a question what can we do better, even if everything seems alright. That question is never fully answered and keeps coming back each day and we never leave it ignored, so it’s incredible to see that our strive to improve our processes and make it all even more optimal for our clients.”