Warsaw airport serviced 46,000 passengers in June, down 97.4 pct y/y

Warsaw's Chopin Airport processed around 46,000 travelers in June, a 97.4-percent decrease year on year, the air terminal's press office has reported in a statement.

Also in June, the airport serviced 1,200 flights, down by 92.4 percent in comparison with the previous year.

In the first six months, the airport serviced 3,340 domestic passengers, down by 60.1 percent. International flights attracted almost 2,842 passengers, 63.4 percent down on the 2019 level.

Since January, in terms of traditional traffic, 2.3 million passengers (down 63 percent) were serviced, while low-cost flights attracted 515,000 passengers (down by 64.9 percent), and charter flights were used by 333,000 air travelers (down by 60.8 percent), the airport said.

Chopin Airport is the largest airport in Poland. Last year it processed almost 49 million passengers in 2019, a 75 percent rise on the preceding year.