War reparations still live issue in Polish-German relations - minister

Though there is no Polish government's official stand on war reparations, no negotiating position with Germany, the topic is present in talks among officials and exists in Polish-German relations, Deputy PM, Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin said on Tuesday.

In the last three years Law and Justice's government has repeatedly declared its desire for Germany to compensate Poland for damages caused during the Second World War.

According to Sasin, it is a very important topic for Poles and Germans.

"This is a difficult issue in Polish-German relations (...) raised on many levels: in the media, in the talks between Polish and German politicians," he told radio broadcaster RMF FM.

In his view, the topic which "practically did not exist in Polish-German dialogue," is important again.

"Today we have at least the position of chairman of the Polish-German parliamentary group in the German Bundestag (Manuel Sarrazin - PAP) who says that Germany must somehow make amends to Poles. He says that of course they can't afford reparations, but other forms, by all means," Sasin said.

In mid-June, Sarrazin presented proposals that would extend Germany's current form of redress for Poland.

As the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported, speaking in the Bundestag, Sarrazin suggested creating two new funds for victims of German occupation during WWII, one for financing healthcare for war victims and the other for supporting those victims and their children who were previously excluded from compensation payments.