Voter support for ruling party up to 43 pct - survey

Voter support for Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party grew to 43 percent in June 2018 from 40 percent in May, a survey by the CBOS pollster shows

Support for the oppositionist Civic Platform (PO) went down by 2 percentage points to 17 percent. Kukiz'15 suffered a 2-percentage point decrease to 8 percent.

Liberal opposition party Nowoczesna was supported by five percent of respondents, up from 4 percent in May.

Support for the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) fell to 4 percent from 6 percent in May, and for the Polish People's Party (PSL) to 4 percent from 5.

The electoral threshold in Poland is 5 percent for a political party and 8 percent for a coalition.

CBOS carried out the survey between June 7 and 14 on a representative sample of 1,029 adult respondents.