Vast majority of Poles want Poland to stay in EU - poll

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

A recent CBOS opinion poll shows that 88 percent of the respondents support Poland’s membership in the European Union and only 6 percent oppose it.

According to CBOS, backing for EU membership among Poles has not dropped below 80 percent since 2014 and is high across all analysed socio-demographic groups and among supporters of all political parties.

The research indicates that 100 percent of supporters of the centrist Civic Coalition and the Left party are in favour of Poland being a part of the European bloc.

Support for Poland's EU membership was also declared by 99 percent of the pollees who declared that they had voted for the Polska 2050 movement and 84 percent of the respondents who backed the ruling conservative Law and Justice party.

The greatest number of voters (25 percent) who are against Poland being part of the EU come from the far-right Confederation party, the poll has found.

The survey also raised the question of the risk of a "Polexit." For 66 percent of the respondents "this is not a realistic scenario now" while 21 percent said that the risk of Poland leaving the EU was "real."

The pollees were also asked their opinion on deepening European integration. Every second respondent said that Europe should unite now more than before, whereas a belief that integration was too far-reaching was expressed by 18 percent.

Nearly every fourth respondent (23 percent) had an ambivalent attitude towards deepening EU integration, CBOS said.

The CBOS survey was carried out on October 18-28, 2021 on a sample of 1,157 Poles.