Value of Polish goods and services for UN tops USD 71 million

The value of Polish goods delivered to the UN reached USD 50 million. Public domain

Poland provided goods and services to the United Nations for a record value of USD 71.71 million last year, against USD 4.86 million in 2021, Polish development ministry has announced.

The value of Polish goods delivered to the UN reached USD 50 million whereas the value of supplied services amounted to USD 21 million in 2022, according to the ministry's statement sent to PAP on Monday.

Food and beverages constituted the largest group of commodities delivered to the UN (USD 26 million), followed by medical supplies (USD 9.3 million), medical services (USD 7.4 million) and transport and logistics (USD 5.2 million).

The major UN recipients of goods and services from Poland included the World Food Programme (WFP) (USD 30.3 million), followed by UNICEF (USD 13.8 million) and WHO (USD 10.3 million).

According to the ministry's data, Poland ranked 70th in terms of the value of deliveries in 2022, compared to 158th in 2021 and the number of Polish enterprises registered in the UN system is now 1,080 compared to 707 in 2020.

"Results published by the UN show that Polish companies have great potential for success in the global competition for public procurement," Waldemar Buda, Poland's development and technology minister said as cited in the statement.

He added that 330 Polish companies cooperated with the UN last year, compared to 92 in 2021.

"The successes that domestic companies achieve in UN tenders allow us to look with optimism at the participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the reconstruction of Ukraine" - Buda also said.

Grzegorz Piechowiak, a deputy development and technology minister, said that over the last ten years "Polish supplies to the UN have been at the level of around USD 3-5 million, and now it is over USD 71 million."

"We will continue to intensively support our entrepreneurs in their activities abroad," he added.

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