Value of contracts for EU co-financing up over month - gov't

The value of contracts for co-financing from the European Union increased by PLN 1.7 billion (EUR 374.5 million) over the course of one month, Poland's Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy said on Monday.

The ministry said that by March 29, 2020, 60,602 contracts had been signed with beneficiaries for the co-financing of projects for a total of PLN 454 billion (EUR 100 billion) from EU funds.

The amount includes the share of EU funds at PLN 276 billion (EUR 60.8 billion) or 83.3 percent of the entire pool allocated to Poland.

Government information further shows the value of total expenditure of beneficiaries settled at the national level amounted to PLN 196 billion (EUR 43.2 billion), including EU funding of PLN 132 billion (EUR 29.1 billion), which constitutes 39.9 percent of the allocation.