Vaccine 'buffer' reserves to be reduced from next week - official

Adam Warżawa/PAP

The Polish government's commissioner for the Covid-19 vaccination programme said on Thursday that from next week the "buffer" of vaccines kept in reserve would be gradually reduced.

Currently, 50 percent of all vaccine doses are in storage with the Material Reserves Agency (ARM), and are earmarked for the second dose needed to ensure resistance to Covid-19.

But on Thursday Michał Dworczyk said the policy will change and the 50-percent “buffer” will be reduced because the current system is working efficiently.

"So from next week we will slowly change it a little, reducing the 'buffer' that was to account for 50 percent,” he said. “This system is stable enough so the 'buffer' can be reduced a bit."

But he added that the government was not withdrawing from the its policy of storing vaccines in warehouses.

Dworczyk also said that about 50,000 people had been vaccinated in the last 24 hours, and that people travelling abroad will be able to show a vaccination certificate in Polish and English, which they would receive after the second dose.