V4 countries to create international Smart Cities team

Representatives of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland (the Visegrad Group, V4) have signed an agreement on cooperation in the introduction of the Smart Cities concept, Poland's Ministry of Investment and Development announced on Thursday.

An international team will be set up to exchange practical experience in building so-called 'Smart Cities.'

"Poland is in the process of carrying out pilot projects, for example in Rzeszów (southeastern Poland), and we hope that they will enable the creation of a set of best practices assisting in the achievement of aims thanks to which our cities will develop ever better," Deputy Minister of Investment and Development Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak stated during a sitting of the Visegrad Group in Bratislava.

Representatives of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland exchanged experience to date, including in the creation of expert groups and ideas for future activities. The meeting was summarised with the signing of a statement in which the signatories obliged themselves to regular cooperation in the field of Smart Cities. An international team is to be established that will exchange insights and practical solutions in the field.

The Smart Cities concept refers to the field of municipal policy covering many areas. It involves the introduction of new technologies in the public space and city transport as well as solutions enabling municipal management and the participation of residents in their development, an example of which is the citizens' budget.

In Poland, activities are being successively introduced within the Smart Cities concept. Warsaw and Wrocław (southwestern Poland) are already on the list of the 100 most intelligent cities in the world. The Ministry of Investment and Development has held a competition entitled 'Human Smart Cities. Intelligent cities co-created by residents,' the winners of which will receive co-financing to introduce intelligent projects.