Utterly Paw-some! Adorable Labrador pup born with three legs gets new prosthetic one for free

Truffle the Labrador was born with only three legs but thanks to kind-hearted staff at Rzeszów Orthopedic Institute she now has four. Rzeszowskie Zakłady Ortopedyczne

A handicapped dog born without a hind left leg can now walk and run after prosthetic leg specialists made her a new one.

The chocolate brown 18-month-old Labrador called Trufle was the last of the litter and in addition to having only three legs, she was also born with kidney and bladder problems.

Tomasz Kot from the Institute said the prosthetic leg is made it from a special carbon fiber that is light, flexible and very durable.Rzeszowskie Zakłady Ortopedyczne

Owner Juliusz Chilicki said: “Friends did not know what to do with her. One day they sent us a photo of her. When my wife saw the puppy with large brown eyes, she immediately decided that we would take her.”

A physiotherapist by profession, Juliusz was worried that over time the lack of a fourth leg would lead to other problems with Truffle’s pelvis or spine.  

It will now take Truffle a couple of days to get used to her new addition and she has been given some special exercises to help.Rzeszowskie Zakłady Ortopedyczne

As a breed, Labradors are typically susceptible to joint displacement such as elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia, a common problem of the breed which is thought to affect 17-21 percent of them.

After seeing a video online of a pony which had a prosthetic leg, Truffle’s owners contacted the Rzeszów Orthopedic Institute, 700km from their home in Siedlisko, in the West of Poland.

Truffle’s paw is also prosthetic and covered in rubber.Rzeszowskie Zakłady Ortopedyczne

After taking some X-rays of Truffle’s stump, the kind-hearted staff decided to take on the challenge for free. 

Tomasz Kot from the Institute said: “We made it from a special carbon fiber that is light, flexible and very durable. The paw has been covered with rubber.”

He added that it will now take Truffle a couple of days to get used to his new addition and gave her owners some exercises to help with the transition. 

Delighted owner Marika Chilicka said: “She’s now a volcano of energy.

Delighted owners Juliusz and Marika with Truffles and staff from the Rzeszów Orthopedic Institute.Rzeszowskie Zakłady Ortopedyczne

“She loves to play and is quickly learning various tricks. She can make a turn, roll and loves doing a slalom between my legs. 

“She also performs basic commands like: sit down, lie, stay or bring.”