Utterly Paw-some! Adorable cat abandoned at bus station adopted by Wrocław mayor

Wrocław mayor Jacek Sutryk said that after meeting the abandoned cat they “became friends at first sight.” Maciej Kulczyński/PAP

An abandoned cat is Feline fine after finding a new home - with the mayor of Wrocław.

The kitten was found in the early hours of Friday morning after being dumped by a family at a bus station in the city.

The family, two adults and a boy and a girl, were reportedly planning to catch a bus to Prague but didn’t realise they couldn’t take the moggy with them.

The British shorthair was found by staff at the bus station in Wrocław who took him to a local animal shelter.Krzysztof Balawejder/ Dworzec Autobusowy Wrocławia

Instead they left the British shorthair cat in a corner of the bus station where it was found by a member of staff who took it to a local animal shelter.

The shelter then posted the story on social media where it was seen by Wrocław mayor Jacek Sutryk.

The cat has now been named Wrocek by locals after the mayor asked them for help in deciding the name.Maciej Kulczyński/PAP

Taking heart, the mayor then made the surprise move of posting on Facebook the news that he had decided to adopt the cat and invited locals to help name him.

Today he posted an update saying the cat’s name was Wrocek and that he had officially moved in.

Prosecutors say they are now looking for the man who left the cat in the bus station before boarding a coach to Prague and that if found guilty of deliberate abandonment he could face three years behind bars.Krzysztof Balawejder/ Dworzec Autobusowy Wrocławia

The mayor wrote: “Today I became the guardian of Wrocek :) :) :)

“Despite the accompanying stress for both of us, we became friends at first sight :)

“This little friend will be present in my office from today. Anyone who is worried that Wrocek will not have proper care here, calm down - Wrocek will live with me, every day, every weekend we will spend together, while during the week he will be adequately looked after by myself and my colleagues in the Office, where he will have his own cozy place.”

The mayor posted on Facebook that he and Wrocek and will now live together at his home and also in his office.Prezydent Wrocławia Jacek Sutryk/Facebook

Prosecutors say they have now been contacted and if the person responsible for leaving the cat can be located and is found guilty of deliberate abandonment, they could face up to three years in prison.