US wants to invest in Poland - minister

US enterprise is willing to invest in Poland and eager to welcome Polish investment in the US, Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz has told PAP.

She added that a newly-opened Polish Chamber of Commerce in Washington promised to pave new paths for commercial exchange between both countries.

Emilewicz attended the chamber's opening during a recent US visit on a Polish government delegation. In the US she also spoke with US and Polish enterprisers including Google executives, representatives of the Atlantic Council and Heritage Foundation NGOs, members of the US Administration and New York City officials.

Emilewicz said Saturday that during her visit she heard many positive comments about Poland and Polish enterprise, and assured that US enterprisers were both willing to invest in Poland and welcome Polish investment in the US. 

She added that the Polish government's large military contracts also raised large interest in the US.

Recounting her talks with Google delegates, Emilewicz said they concerned future projects at Warsaw's Google Campus Warsaw entrepreneurship incubator.

Commenting on the new chamber, Emilewicz said it was an initiative by a group of large Polish companies who wanted a shared representation in the US. She added that the chamber was also open for smaller businesses interested in the US market. 

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