US to increase troop presence in Poland if Russia attacks Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has said the USA will increase its military presence in Poland if Russia invades Ukraine.

Speaking on Wednesday about Russia's build-up of forces on the Ukrainian border, Biden promised decisive sanctions in the event of an attack and said the US would increase its troop presence in Poland, Romania and other countries if Russia invaded, saying the US had "a sacred obligation in Article 5 to defend those countries" as Nato members.

Biden told a press conference, "we’re going to fortify our Nato Allies, I told him (Russian President Vladimir Putin - PAP), on the eastern flank — if, in fact, he does invade. We’re going to — I’ve already shipped over USD 600 million worth of sophisticated equipment, defensive equipment to the Ukrainians."

He also expressed concern over a scenario whereby any Russia-Ukraine conflict spiralled out of control and spread to neighbouring Nato countries. He said he hoped Putin understood that he was not in a position to dominate the world short of a "full-blown nuclear war."