US maritime presence in Baltic Sea region offers security says ambassador

Adam Warżawa/PAP

The US ambassador to Poland said in Gdynia, a seaport on the Baltic Sea coast, that the docking of another American destroyer there served as a guarantee for the safety of Poland and its neighbours.

Mark Brzezinski noted during a press conference, at the port where USS Gravely was moored, that this was the third US destroyer to dock in Poland within the past three months.

He pointed out this was an important event since such a maritime presence had not been felt in this region in some time.

He added that this ship, like the other ships, provided security guarantees on many levels and that, most of all, it assured the safety of Poland and its neighbors.

Brzezinski also noted that in conversations that he had conducted, it was often expressed that the presence of US soldiers and equipment as well as the navy made people feel safer. It also showed Poles that the US supports Poland, he said, adding that there were currently over 10,000 US soldiers in Poland.