US Department of State says reports from Poland "concerning"

The US Department of State has announced that it has been cooperating with Poland to determine what has happened in connection with reports alleging that two Russian missiles struck a location inside Poland near the Ukraine border.

US Department of State spokesman Vedat Patel said on Tuesday that it was still unknown what had happened. "The State Department is talking to a range of partners about the reports and is working with the Polish government," Patel told reporters at a news briefing.

Reports that Russian missiles have crossed into Poland near the Ukrainian border are "incredibly concerning," Patel said and added that the US was in direct contact with Polish authorities.

Asked by PAP whether President Joe Biden's words about the defence of every inch of the Nato territory were still in force, Patel said that the US was standing by its Nato allies and partners, and that it was one of the most important alliances. He said, however, that he did not want to make comments regarding a hypothetical situation.

Referring to Russia's accusations that explosions in Poland were "a provocation," Patel rejected them and said that the US surely did not want to escalate the situation.