US Congress Speaker Pelosi to meet Polish Senate speaker on Tuesday


The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is to meet Polish Senate Speaker Tomasz Grodzki on a Tuesday stop-over en route to the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem on Thursday, the Senate Information Centre has informed PAP.

Media had earlier reported that on her way to the Fifth World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem institute in Jerusalem, Speaker Pelosi planned to visit the former Auschwitz Nazi German concentration camp in southern Poland, where she is to be accompanied by Sejm (lower house) Speaker Elzbieta Witek and Senate Speaker Grodzki. Following her visit to the Auschwitz site, Pelosi will have a meeting with Grodzki.

Commenting on the reports, Grodzki confirmed the arrangement and added that the meeting is to be held at the initiative of the US Congresswoman.

"To be precise and clear - it is not me that wants to meet, but Mrs Nancy Pelosi that wants to meet with me," Grodzki told a private radio station on Monday. "It is an honour for me, that a woman who according to many is the second most powerful woman in the world after Chancellor (Angela - PAP) Merkel, would like to talk to the speaker of the Polish Senate. Please remember that that is our greatest ally (...) the main force of NATO and I am honoured that such an important American politician wants to talk to me (...)."

Grodzki elaborated that the meeting will take place in the southern Polish city of Krakow and will be "semi-private" in nature, though the subjects for discussion remain unknown.